Văn phòng đại diện số ONEBIM

Văn phòng đại diện số ONEBIM

ONEBIM Digital Representative Office is a virtual reality exhibition space construction solution for ONEBIM, the training center and fully integrated solution provider for design, construction, project management, and building information modeling. The office simulates the interior, awards, and key information boards using 3D technology. The whole scene, from the product area down to the smallest detail, is presented in a true and vivid way to attract curiosity and provoke customers’ needs.

The digital representative office space is divided into three main areas. Customers accessing the website will be automatically transferred to the reception area and lobby, with the waiting room space and furniture designed in accordance with the brand image, the reception desk, the main product introduction video of the business, and doors leading to other areas. The digital representative office area is the main exhibition space, introducing important information in brand promotion such as company overview, history, organizational chart, awards, solutions and services, media images, key customers, and outstanding projects. Finally, the conference room replicates the layout and functionality of a real meeting room, facilitating live streaming sessions as well as online meetings with customers and partners, creating a strong impression of the company's professionalism.


VR360 virtual representative office is an experience of 3D-rendered product display space that is visually simulated for viewers to have a general and specific view, easily interact and move in a 360 space, etc., which is an effective way to convey the story and brand values of a leading technology company like ONEBIM. The office is designed and visually simulated in 3D according to the intended use, even when a real office is not yet available. 


Online interoperability saves time and travel costs because customers can capture all product information and immerse themselves in a display space that is digitized to every detail to make it feel like being on a real tour. This type of office is not limited by location, area, or idea compared to the actual building. Virtual reality technology helps ONEBIM establish and connect internationally with key markets through strategic partners in Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe, the USA, and India. It can reduce the cost of marketing and ensure the health and safety of customers in the context of the epidemic without reducing business efficiency.


SEAP VR is honored to accompany the ONEBIM brand in their journey to become a leading company in the field of technology application in the construction field in Vietnam and globally.

Phòng truyền thống ORGGROUP

Phòng truyền thống ORGGROUP

The ORG Group Traditional Room is a digital representative office designed to introduce the holding company ORG Group, which is responsible for building business strategies, advertising, and distributing products for affiliated companies in agricultural production with the goal of "Sustainable Agriculture". This 3D space serves the purpose of an electronic storefront and a gallery of brand information and images, giving customers access to important materials aiding the purchasing process.

The representative office has four main rooms with different functions. The reception room uses a virtual reception using artificial intelligence technology, introduces the space layout, logo, and slogan of the brand, as well as a video highlighting the construction starting point of the Moc Linh Tea factory. Next, the traditional room is the place to showcase the development and successes achieved, as well as the current size and stature of the business. This is the place to give information about the mission, vision, core values, leadership structure, images from the media, and history of member companies, including Moc Linh Tea Factory, Bac Kan Moc Linh Joint Stock Company, GAP Vietnam Joint Stock Company, and Phu Do Mineral Joint Stock Company. The product room acts as a virtual showroom, where ORG Group's main products, such as original fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, Moc Linh tea, and Bach Dien rice, are shown with pictures and detailed descriptions. Customers can completely add products to the online shopping cart and pay right away in the showroom interface. Finally, the project department provides records of four main projects implemented by ORG Group, which are the Moc Linh Tea Factory Construction Project, the Rice Development Project Planning Area, The Incense and Medicinal Products Development Project with Bac Kan Province, and the Ore Mining Project. Each project is featured in an appropriate visual space that suits the nature of the project, such as images of aromatherapeutic products, tea tables, farmers plowing fields, or mining workers.  


The ORG Group Traditional Room is a tool to convey the message, upgrade the brand, and effectively build a professional image, thereby creating a difference between ORG Group and other competitors. It increases attractiveness and creates a competitive advantage. The slogans, mottos, and stories behind ORG Group will be fully conveyed through a professional user interface. At the same time, the form of building a digital representative office also optimizes construction and operating costs and easily measures the effectiveness of the website through specific parameters.


Customers can watch the entire room and products of interest from many different angles. All movement, observation, and shopping activities can be done on the spot with the virtual reality showroom platform on the smart device screen, without any limitations in space or time.


SEAP VR is honored to accompany ORG Group in the journey to actualize the dream of sustainable organic agriculture by applying advanced technology and changing productive thinking.

Showroom số Mailands

Showroom số Mailands

The Mailands digital showroom is not only a place for direct sales of the brand but also a place to introduce the production process, thereby ensuring that customers will have the most comprehensive and correct view of the business. Hence, the Mailands brand has built trust with potential customers and affirmed its strength - using clean energy to grow cordyceps.


The digital showroom consists of two parts: the product showroom and the farming area. The product showroom uses 3D rendering technology with virtual receptionists, advertisements, product models, business brochures and the map of physical showrooms. Each product 3D model is attached with specific details about price, uses, outstanding advantages and packaging specifications, all presented in the form of text and audio explanations. The showroom is designed with the main color of brown with a traditional style, consistent with the Mailands brand image. This is also the place to introduce achievements, awards, articles and reports on the business's success.


In addition, the cordyceps farming area is a product of 3D spatial scanning technology, including processing and harvesting areas and farming rooms that meet the food hygiene and safety standards of the Ministry of Health. Each culture room is equipped with the most advanced machinery and equipment imported such as aseptic cabinets, shakers, sublimation dryer, large capacity autoclave, lighting system, temperature, humidity, etc. All culture processes are closed and sterile in order to control the harsh environmental conditions imitating the nature of Tibet to help cordyceps ensure the highest medicinal value and maintain stable product quality. 


Customers can choose between the 3D Dollhouse view for the overall space and the top-down Floor Plan for the actual layout. Customers can also use VR glasses to experience walking in the Mailands showroom. By using virtual reality technology, businesses can optimize the investment cost in physical showrooms in many different locations, while still conveying detailed and accurate information about important products. products and brands to distant customers. 


SEAP VR is honored to accompany Mailands in building and developing the largest cordyceps supplier brand in Vietnam to further reach the international level.

Phòng truyền thống ảo Trường Đại học Sư phạm Kỹ thuật TP.HCM

Phòng truyền thống ảo Trường Đại học Sư phạm Kỹ thuật TP.HCM

The Virtual Traditional Room of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education aims to introduce and display information and images associated with the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the school. The room is inspired by the message of solidarity and sustainable development to inherit historical values, promote traditions, and look forward to a bright future together.

The spatial layout includes Human Resources, Training, Students and Science - Technology rooms, which showcase proud milestones, as well as the school's educational and training activities. The Human Resources area includes the system of departments, school boards and affiliated schools. The remaining three areas provide extensive information on the professional education program, and present student activities and networking partnerships through the periods from 1962 to the present. The information is presented through sounds, figures, text and images, which combine smoothly to create a realistic and vivid space.


In particular, the project uses 3D rendering technology to create a virtual space. The VR Web of the traditional room conveys the school's history and culture in a multi-dimensional and effective way. It shows creativity and innovation in recreating the outstanding imprints in the 60-year history of knowledge incubation. 


By applying virtual reality to promote the school's educational tradition, SEAP VR emphasises the school’s educational philosophy of Humanity - Innovation - Integration in the current digital age to keep up with the development process domestically and globally. As a result, The Virtual Traditional Room of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education (HCMUTE) contributes to reaffirming its position as the leading training, scientific research, innovation, and entrepreneurship school in Vietnam.


SEAP VR is delighted to support the institution in its mission of applying technology in the field of education and training.

BO Concept Showroom

BO Concept Showroom

The 3D scanning project of the BO Concept showroom is to recreate the digital version of the brand's physical product display space to inspire customers about an ideal home that is suitable for building their personal lifestyles.

The layout of BO Concept's digital showroom space is divided into two floors, including small zones simulating living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, small spaces, and home offices. The entire area displays a 3D model system of 77 furniture items from BO Concept's collections, with specific information including close-up photos, names, short descriptions, dimensions, weights, materials, finishes, key features, and designers. The digital showroom helps online customers access the creative design space of BO Concept and easily visualize the interior design in color, shape, and arrangement in the living environment layout. The digital showroom of BO Concept presents a dream home with a pleasant color palette, complete amenities, perfect lighting and smart functions for a happier life.


Customers can choose between the 3D Dollhouse view for the overall space and the top-down Floor Plan for the actual layout. VR glasses can be used to have a realistic experience, like walking in the physical showroom of BO Concept. Last but not least, the digital store is supplemented with a virtual ruler for users to take measurements directly if necessary, which allows them to connect with the size of the actual products.


Using spatial 3D scanning technology makes the investment in building physical stores more effective by simultaneously deploying e-commerce activities and introducing their showroom to more customers.


SEAP VR is honored to accompany the BO Concept brand in building and developing an international brand in Vietnam.