SEAP VR implements S.P.A.C.E VR360 for AMD Modular

Inspired by the Lego game, AMD Modular technology startup has researched and found a new direction to replace the traditional way of building houses - Modular prefab technology, applied in S.P.A.C.E prefab products, where S.P.A.C.E houses are built by assembling modules together.

With Modular technology, modular components will be mass-produced without waiting for design (architecture, structure, electromechanical), shorten up to 80% construction time, easy to transport, disassemble, install and expand. Modules designed and manufactured according to standards can be easily assembled together to create a multitude of architectural shapes and spaces quickly.

SEAP VR is pleased to partner with AMD Modular to bring a completely new way to build and buy a home with just 1 click with VR360 projects. Customers will be able to explore every corner of the house, "touch" and experience the most authentic home they love with just a virtual reality headset, smartphone, tablet or laptop screen right on the website.

Experience the feeling of buying a house in the technology era like choosing to buy a phone.

The rendering image of S.P.A.C.E House made by SEAP VR

Tour Modular S2

Tour Modular S9a