Impressive, realistic, vivid... are the words customers have used to describe the Virtual Reality technology on the VR headset. This technology has the ability to effectively convey the story and brand value to customers. With its implementation through 3D technology, virtual reality can bring better experiences than reality and leave a lasting impression on customers about the brand.

Virtual Reality Glasses - A Superior Image Marketing Experience

Virtual Reality (VR) creates a simulated environment with images created by the designer, displayed on a computer screen or through VR headset, to bring the most realistic experience to the viewer.

SEAP VR's technology creates a realistic experience for customers

Within a virtual apartment, viewers can walk around each room, into every corner of the house and see the arrangement of furniture, area, and space. When combined with VR headset, this technology provides an almost equivalent experience to physically interacting with the real apartment.

Virtual Reality headset is a powerful tool for fields that want to communicate directly and impact customer emotions:

  • Easy to convey brand stories and added values.
  • Educating customers about the product.
  • Increasing the conversion rate.
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of communication with customers.

Customers experience VR headset at SEAP VR's booth at TECHFEST 2021

Customers experience VR headset at SEAP VR's booth at Vietbuild Home 2021