3D Scanning is a technology based on the 2D imaging and scanning of individual space blocks to create panoramic images and link them together to give the viewer the feeling of being present at the location depicted in the image with a 3D, interactive space in every corner of the building.

SEAP VR is the representative of Matterport, the leading 3D scanning machine company in the world, in Northern Vietnam.

3D 360 Scanning process:

  • Survey the model house, exhibition room, hotel... to obtain information on area, view angles, and beautiful locations.
  • Select the appropriate equipment (camera + lens + tripod + laptop + flycam...) to capture and process data on site.
  • Post-process to obtain desired 360 images (in terms of brightness, sharpness, clutter...).
  • Enter the 360VR image data into the 360 degree viewing module.
  • Code and integrate onto PC, Mobile, Ipad website.

SEAP VR staff performs 3D scanning of the project